Royal Suite Class Royal Caribbean

Discover Luxury That’s Anything But Boring

Royal Suite Class is the best choice if you want to travel in style. Royal Caribbean has three tiers of suite class to ensure your journey will be memorable in all the best ways. The Royal Suite Class is known for the details that inspire, exclusive experiences that excite, and services that elevate everyday encounters into unforgettable moments. 

Royal Caribbean has an excellent reputation for providing an environment for making memories, but the Suite Class takes this to a new level; luxury amenities and accommodations make for an unforgettable experience. Whether traveling as a couple or a family, the details, exclusive experiences, and signature activities can make a difference; from luxury dining to in-room robes, no detail is left unchecked. The Suite Class embodies the best in luxury travel; keep reading to determine which tier is best for your next trip.

Sea Class

When you book a trip with the Sea Class, you’ll enjoy a cruise suite to recharge between adventures and rest up before another day filled with exploration. Patrons love these spacious suites with plenty of spacious living spaces, sumptuous design, and excellent attention to detail is just the start of the journey. Sea Class is all about the little details that add a touch of luxury to your cruise, such as priority boarding, plush bathrobes, luxury bathroom amenities, an in-room espresso maker, and a coastal kitchen dinner. 

Sky Class

Sky Class is a step up from Sea and provides all the benefits of Sea Class, such as spectacular accommodations and those luxury details Royal Caribbean does so well. But Sky class benefits from our attentive staff and exclusive experiences. As Sky Class guests, you have access to a Concierge who crafts your adventures, from restaurant reservations to recommendations for shopping or dining at ports of call. You’ll get access to the suite lounge as well as priority departure. When you book in the Sky Class, you’ll enjoy exclusive signature activities only available to suite-level guests. And, of course, you’ll enjoy high-speed internet in your room. You don’t want to miss out on this experience.

Star Class

Star Class sets the gold standard for luxury travel. When you book a suite at the Star Class level, you’ll enjoy all the perks of the previous levels, but you’ll get even more than priority access; you’ll get all access. It starts with the most extensive and unbelievable cruise suites at Sea. Star Class Suites are nothing like a typical cabin; with spacious living areas, you’ll feel right at home. Royal Caribbean takes the idea of a personal concierge to a higher level for their Star Class members and provides you with what they call a Royal Genie that takes your VIP status ship-wide. You’re going to love it! You’ll get even more perks at this level, such as complimentary gratuities, a deluxe drink package, and complimentary specialty dining. You aren’t going to want to miss this experience. Contact me today for your free quote!