What Does Disney Genie Do?

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What Does Disney Genie Do?

One of the reasons families love visiting Disneyland and Walt Disney World is because of the magical experiences they have. Disney works hard to keep evolving the customer experience, so there are new features each time you go. Walt Disney famously said, “Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as imagination is left in the world.” Although Disney Genie is helpful too, it can’t replace the human element you’ll get from a professional trip planner who has YOUR best interests in mind. Today we’ll discuss this new service and what you can expect.

Disney Genie has several helpful options, such as an interactive map and useful information on wait times. When you log in, it will ask you a series of questions and make recommendations for your trip. However, remember that this is a Disney product for Disney, so although the results will be tailored to your interests, its goal is to maximize profit, not your personal experience. However, real-time wait times and the interactive map can be a great addition to your experience.

How Does Disney Genie Work?

Disney Genie uses AI technology to provide personalized recommendations for your trip. When you first start using it, it will ask you what activities and experiences you’re interested in during your vacation. It will then use this information to create customized suggestions based on your preferences.

How Can You Use Disney Genie?

When you log into your Disney account, you’ll have access to Disney Genie from the palm of your hand. The complimentary Disney Genie can make recommendations for a daily itinerary inspired by your top interests. In addition, it offers planning features, and you can check wait times for your favorite attractions in real time.

Genie will continue to send you recommendations inspired by your interests. It also offers an interactive map that can help you easily navigate the park. Many people need clarification on Disney Genie with Genie+; Genie Plus is the paid service that has replaced the fast pass.
If you upgrade to Genie+, you get access to additional features. For example, you can pay for access to the lightning lane and special photo lenses and audio tales that share cool behind-the-scene facts during your visit!

In Closing

I love helping families plan their perfect Disney adventure; as your travel expert, I can take the stress out of planning for you. When you work with me, I can teach you all the tips and tricks for making the most of your time, including recommendations for Disney Genie. Knowing how to use key features like maps, how to check estimated wait times, and when it’s in your best interest to invest in Genie+ so you can use the lightning lane on the key attractions, I’ll make sure you understand all the tools available and how they can make your trip as streamlined as possible. Are you ready to plan your next adventure? Contact me today for a quote!

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