What is included and not included in the Disney Cruise price?

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What is included and not included in the Disney Cruise price?

Have you been dreaming of a Disney Cruise but budgeting it seems overwhelming? Joy, Your Travel Expert, is here to help! Cruises can be a great way to get the full Disney experience while also visiting tropical locations. In fact, cruising has become the fastest-growing sector of the leisure travel market. However, many families need help knowing how much to budget for a Disney Cruise. Without knowing what’s included and what’s not. I am here to help today. I’ll break down some of the most commonly asked-about amenities.

What’s Included?

One of the reasons families love cruise vacations is because of all the amenities that are included. Dining is of course included, but some are surprised to find out this includes room service, a nice perk if you want to take it easy and relax in the room. Soft drinks and various onboard activities are included, such as pools, mini golf, sports areas, and more. Kids love that ice cream is included, along with several shows, the kids club, and much more. When you’re ready to book your next cruise, I will inform you of all the new features and amenities in this ever-changing travel industry so you can make the most of your next vacation.

What’s Not Included?

It’s equally important to know what is not included when planning your Disney Cruise, so you don’t have to miss out on any fun because of a budget issue or misunderstanding. For example, some people are surprised that excursions at destinations are not included. Nor are premium onboard classes/activities (Such as the mixology class). You’ll need to budget separately, including adult-only dining venues and alcohol or spa treatments.

I can help you determine which amenities are most important to you and ensure you know exactly how much you’ll need to add them to your itinerary so you won’t have any unpleasant surprises later on. When you work with me, I can take care of the planning and ensure you enjoy the vacation you’ve been dreaming of!

Working With A Vacation Planner

When you work with me, I can take all the stress out of your vacation planning. I have spent countless hours researching the ins and outs of the parks and cruises, and I can help you make the most out of your vacation. Although I am a travel agent specializing in Disney Vacations, I book more than just Disney vacations; if you’re interested in a Royal Caribbean cruise or a relaxing stay at Discovery Cove, I work with various destinations. Contact me today to learn more!

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